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Student Resources Scheme Information 2016
Emerald State High School operates a Student Resources Scheme to ensure that all students have the necessary resources to support their education requirements. The Student Resources Scheme allows parents to enter into an agreement with the school for a specific annual fee, which provides the temporary use of prescribed text books for the school year. It also provides services, other resources, and the purchase of consumables and materials for the student.
The purpose of the scheme is to provide the parents with a cost effective alternative to purchasing textbooks and materials through reduced prices gained from the schools bulk purchasing practices. The student resource scheme for year 7 to 10 is $336.00 per year, which is offset with a government text levy of $121.00. This leaves the parent contribution at $215.00 per student per year. The student resource scheme for year 11 and 12 is $477.00 per year, which is offset with a government text levy of $262.00. This also leaves the parent contribution at $215.00 per student per year.
Student Resources Scheme is optional, if you decide not to join the scheme you will need to purchase individual resources as required and pay for all benefits listed that will be received by members of the scheme. A detailed list of costing is available from the school.  Parents are expected to purchase stationary items for their students as per stationary list located in Student Resources Handbook.
School policy is that students cannot participate in school excursions/Camps/Formal/Extracurricular sport and activities if the Student Resources Scheme is entered into and is not fully paid or an active payment plan in place. Those students who are not eligible to attend excursions will be provided with alternative learning/ assessment activities.
To view what is provided under the scheme, please click on the links above for Junior secondary or Senior secondary students.
The student resource paperwork is included in the enrolment paperwork, if you have not received this and would like to participate, you can collect the paperwork from the school office.